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The Beautiful Baroque city of Syracuse

(Pick up from Taormina/Naxos port) Our leisurely drive will take us to the eastern coastline of Sicily, arriving in Syracuse. We will stroll, upon our arrival, the open local fish and fruits market situated in the historical centre. We will take you to the

archaeological area of Neapolis with its Greek theatre, the Roman amphitheatre and Latomia del Paradiso (with its Dionysius Hear) and the "Ara of Hyeron" - The driver will wait for you while you visit the sights. Then, We will take you to the 'Ortigia Island', the heart of the city. You enjoy a walk along the ancient narrow streets, which still keep the Medieval influence. The highlights of Syracuse is the visit of the Duomo with the wonderful famous square. The driver will be waiting for you and at your most convenient time, will drive you back to your ship. SPECIAL REQUEST: Specially for this tour which is involving historical and archeological sites, if you are particularly interested on them, you may book a local licensed Guide for an approx. 3 hours tour. Driver will be not able to escort inside these areas.

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