(Full Day)

Taking the ferry to Villa San Giovanni we will cross the sea between Sicily and the mainland, the “Continente” as sicilians say. We will drive to the Archaeological Museum to see the Riace Bronzes: these are the greatest bronzes from the Greek world ever discovered and among the world’s most beautiful sculptures. They were discovered by a diver in 1971 off the coast of Riace and are known as ‘Statue A’ and ‘Statue B’. The museum also has a number of other interesting artefacts (entrance fee Euro 5,00 per person). Reggio Calabria is also known to have one of the most amazing walkway along the sea, overlooking the Messina strait and Etna volcano, not to be missed. You can agree with your driver to enjoy your lunch in Reggio Calabria or in Scilla, (pronounced sheella) a stunningly-located fishing village in the Calabria region. The village is squeezed into this restricted and picturesque landscape and it is an unforgettable sight. Scilla is straight out of myths; it is traditionally the home of the fearsome monster Scylla who, along with Charybdis (over the sea towards Sicily) guarded the narrow Strait of Messina and menaced Odysseus / Ulysses as he sailed by (Tour duration approx. 8 hours).