(Full Day)

Driving on the south west coast of Sicily, not far from Mazara del Vallo, we will reach one of the largest and most impressive archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. Selinunte was one of the most important of the Greek colonies in Sicily. It was founded, by a colony from the Sicilian city of Megara around 650 BCE. As early as 580 BCE the Selinuntines were engaged in hostilities with the people of Segesta (a non-Hellenic city), whose territory bordered on their own. The city was utterly destroyed by the Carthaginians in 409BC and again in around 250BCE. It was never rebuild. After the visit of Selinunte we may have lunch in a restaurant by the beach area of Marinella di Selinunte. After lunch we will tour the historic saltpan works where the ancient tradition of harvesting salt from the sea is still practiced. On board on the ferry-boat to reach Mothia Island, founded at the end of VII century B.C. on the island of San Pantaleo, situated at the centre of a large lagoon, known today as 'Stagnone', or big pond. Time at leisure to visit the Withaker Museum and the archaeological site. Than we return to the main land for the drive back.